Just In-Time Staffing

At CRI we have the experience to manage the most demanding resourcing requirements. We have a track record of providing resources at scale without the challenges that effect speed of execution found when working with some of the larger agencies.

Advanced Technology Resourcing

We have a shared history and pedigree of solving some of the most complex technology challenges over the last four decades. With our combined expertise we can leverage our shared knowledge when our clients are looking for the “unicorn” of a candidate. Typically, these resources cover the “chasm crossing” technologies that exist across the IT landscape.

Professional Project Management

Cambridge Resources prides itself on having a network of some of the best project management professionals in the industry. We have been supporting fortune 1000 accounts for the last four decades with great success. It is our belief that the only way to achieve such high levels of customer satisfaction and success is by employing the most experienced project managers in the industry. At CRI you will not only work with professionals but you will find PM’s that can get the job done every time on time and under budget while still having fun.