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“At Cambridge Resources Incorporated our commitment to fairness, culture and quality in our hiring practices is not only a reflection of our core values but also a source of inspiration for others to follow. By recognizing and valuing the unique perspectives and experiences that individuals from diverse backgrounds bring to the table, we have created a workplace culture that fosters innovation, creativity, and growth. Through our fairness in hiring practices, we are not only building a stronger and more resilient team but also paving the way for a corporate culture that is both diverse and highly qualified.

James E Hoffman

President & CEO, Cambridge Resources Incorporated

Our Approach to Staffing

We work for our candidates

At CRI, we are committed to providing exceptional support and resources to all of our candidates throughout the job application process.

Fairness in Sourcing

At CRI, we take a proactive approach to fairness in our recruitment process, actively seeking out candidates from a range of backgrounds and experiences to ensure that our workforce is reflective of the diverse communities we serve.

Constant Communication

At CRI, we place great importance on maintaining open lines of communication between candidates and hiring managers throughout the recruitment process to ensure a smooth and transparent experience for all involved.

Just in Time Resourcing

Our deep network of highly-qualified candidates, built over multiple decades of experience in the industry, allows us to provide just in time staffing solutions to our clients, ensuring they have access to top talent exactly when and where they need it.