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Staffing & Residency 

We are dedicated to our customers success when providing staffing and residency services. Our full-time onshore recruiting and management team works hand in hand with the client interfacing with hiring managers, human resources, and the clients’ financial teams. This process helps to ensure that all requirements of the business are adhered to. This includes but is not limited to, candidate selection, corporate culture, benefits, and overall financial compensation.



Just In time Staffing

At CRI we have the experience to manage the most demanding resourcing requirements. We have a track record of providing resources at scale without the challenges that effect speed of execution found when working with some of the larger agencies.


Advanced Technology Resourcing

We have a shared history and pedigree of solving some of the most complex technology challenges over the last four decades. With our combined expertise we can leverage our shared knowledge when our clients are looking for the “unicorn” of a candidate. Typically, these resources cover the “chasm crossing” technologies that exist across the IT landscape.


Fairness in Sourcing Strategy

At CRI, we are dedicated to providing residency and staffing services that prioritize fairness in sourcing. Our residency and staffing strategy include actively seeking out candidates from underrepresented groups and communities, including women, veterans, disabled persons, and people of color. We also consider diversity of ideas, backgrounds, and skillsets, ensuring that our teams are diverse and well-rounded. With our commitment to fairness, corporate culture and quality, you can be sure that CRI is your partner for technology staffing services.

Technology Staffing

Financial Services Staffing

Life Sciences Staffing

Consumer Markets Staffing

Identify Job Requirements

We listen to our clients and use our decades of experience to identify and analyze the best resources for our customers that line up accurately with our clients hiring needs.


With decades of experience from local recruiters, project managers and account managers we have a high level of success  recruiting and retaining the best talent for our customers.

Onboarding and Support

We work meticulously with our candidates and clients to ensure that every aspect of the onboarding process is seamless. Additionally, we stay in constant contact with our candidates and hiring managers post start day to ensure that our candidates transition into their role with their new employer.

Client Demographics

We have excellent clients ranging from fortune 500 to small business. No client is too big or too small for us to want to work with them.