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Unified Communications and Contact Center (UCaaS)

Cambridge Resources Incorporated offers comprehensive Unified Communications and Contact Center Services to meet the needs of any business. We provide innovative solutions that help businesses stay connected and maintain a competitive edge in todays digital world. Our Unified Communications and Contact Center Services provide businesses with reliable and secure communication solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. From VoIP and cloudbased unified communications to contact center solutions, Cambridge Resources Incorporated offers the latest technologies and services to ensure businesses stay connected and productive.

Our Unified Communications and Contact Center Services include a wide range of features such as voice, video, audio, data, mobility, contact center, and presence solutions. We also provide comprehensive support and training to ensure that businesses are able to maximize the potential of our services. Our solutions are designed to help businesses improve communication and collaboration, increase customer satisfaction, and simplify the management of customer relationships.

Cambridge Resources Incorporated is committed to providing the highest quality of service and support to its customers. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to helping businesses leverage the power of unified communications and contact center solutions to succeed. We strive to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience with our solutions and services.

Voice over IP (VoIP)

At Cambridge Resources Incorporated, we understand the importance of staying connected. That‘s why we offer Voice over IP (VOIP) solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our comprehensive VOIP services provide a reliable, secure and costeffective way for businesses to make calls. Our VOIP solutions include SIP trunking, hosted PBX, video conferencing, and more. With our help, you can keep your business connected no matter where your team is located.

Contact Center Solutions

Cambridge Resources Incorporated provides comprehensive contact center solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our cuttingedge cloudbased technology offers the latest in AIdriven analytics, omnichannel routing, automated selfservice capabilities, and more. Our integrated solutions provide a seamless customer experience, enabling businesses to reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and maximize their growth potential. With our clouddelivered contact center solutions, businesses can achieve improved customer service and interactions, scalability and cost savings.

Messaging Solutions

Cambridge Resources Incorporated offers worldclass messaging solutions, designed to meet the needs of any business. Our clouddelivered messaging solutions feature robust features such as enterprisegrade email, instant messaging, group chat, audio and video conferencing, and file sharing. Our solutions provide your business with reliable and secure communication, enabling collaboration among employees and customers, no matter where they are located. With Cambridge Resources Incorporated, you can trust that your messaging needs are taken care of, so you can focus on what matters most.

Collaboration Solutions

Cambridge Resources Incorporated is proud to provide leading cloud delivered collaboration solutions for businesses around the world. Our solutions offer secure and reliable access to online meetings, video conferencing, team workspaces, file sharing, and communication tools to ensure seamless collaboration for your team. From Microsoft Teams to Zoom, our cloudbased collaboration solutions provide the latest industry technology to keep your business connected and productive.

Telephony Training

At Cambridge Resources Incorporated, we offer comprehensive End User Telephony Training Solutions to ensure your team is up to date on the latest technology and industry best practices. Our cloud delivered user training solutions are tailored to your organization‘s needs, and provide interactive, ondemand learning experiences in topics such as VoIP, SIP, Unified Communications, and more. With our solutions, you can ensure your team is equipped with the knowledge and skills to keep up with the everevolving telecommunications and business technology industry.

Benefits of Cloud Services

Cambridge Resources Incorporated offers secure, reliable, and costeffective cloud solutions designed to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs. Our cloud solutions are optimized for scalability and are tailored to meet your specific business needs. Our voice and contact center cloud solutions include Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), multimedia contact centers, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. With our cloud solutions, you can enjoy increased business agility, improved customer satisfaction, and increased collaboration.